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Saturday, 2nd July 2022: Beethoven & Bruckner

Beethoven: Symphony no 7 in A

Bruckner: Symphony no 7 in E

Tickets are £15. Under 25s free.

Tickets may be purchased at the door or reserved in advance by either

‘phoning 01206 271128 or emailing

We are playing one of the greatest symphonies of the Classical Era and one of the greatest symphonies of the Romantic Era -

The lively rhythms in Beethovens 7th Symphony inspired Wagner to dance to the second movement whilst his house guest, Franz Liszt accompanied him on the piano! This well-known movement has featured in many adverts and films; for example, it was used in a scene in the The King’s Speech.

Following its first performance in 1812, the Symphony was repeated three times in the next 10 weeks at one of these performances a newspaper account stated that the applause rose to the point of ecstasy’. In April 2022 the 7th Symphony was voted in the top 20 classical works by Classic FM listeners.

Bruckner’s 7th Symphony is one of his most popular symphonies. It calls for a large orchestra that includes Wagner tubas a form of modified horn. In 1853 Wagner had visited the shop of Adolphe Sax who invented the saxophone and saxhorn. Wagner wanted an instrument that had the flexibility of a saxhorn and the sound of a lur. [A lur is a long horn without finger holes.] Bruckners inclusion of the Wagner tubas, first heard in the slow movement, is in memory of Wagner.