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 Tickets are £15,  Under 25s free.

Tickets may be purchased at the door or reserved in advance by either

‘phoning 01206271128 or emailing

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Saturday 7th December 2019: CSO Wind

St Botolph's Church, Colchester



Rossini: Puffin of Sutton Overture (Barber of Seville)

Mozart: Serenade in Eb no 11

Arvo Pärt: Fratres

Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet

Puffin Lollipops

The Wind and Brass section of the Colchester Symphony Orchestra will join forces once again for a splendid concert of the very best of wind ensemble music.  Our concert starts with a special arrangement of Rossini’s stunning Overture to the ‘Barber of Seville’.  This well-loved opera has the ‘Figaro’ aria featured in the film ‘Mrs Doubtfire’.  She enjoys listening to the aria, sung by the caged cartoon bird, whilst sitting knitting.

Mozart’s Serenade or Nacht musique  was composed originally for six wind instruments. However when the Austrian Emperor founded his own wind band comprising eight players, Mozart rewrote the Serenade hoping to influence the Emperor and gain employment from him.   Sadly this was not to be.  However we have a wonderful work that includes a romantic adagio that evokes an enchanted nocturnal scene.

Arvo Pärt wrote Fratres in 1977 as three-part music without fixed instrumentation. With a slow and meditative tempo, Fratres (Brothers) is tintinnabular music with two types of voice.

Prokofiev’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is one of the most loved dance works in the repertoire. The dramatic music in ‘The Montagues and Capulets’  highlights the tensions between the two warring families.  This music is well known as the theme tune to the television programme ‘The Apprentice’.

The ‘Puffin Ensemble’ will also be including some popular classical favourites that are much loved by audiences.  Last year's ‘wind and brass’ concert was received with much enthusiasm in St Botholph’s Church in Colchester and this concert is likely to have the same appeal.